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Still Flyin' "Travelin' Man" 7" single $10 (L&L075) Add To Basket.


Still Flyin' are back with Travelin' Man — the second single taken from their forthcoming album On a Bedroom Wall, out May 18. On 'Travelin' Man', the San Francisco troupe have slipped it up a gear from the breezy sing-a-longs of recent party jam 'Cleat Talking' and, in the process, discovered their inner Cure and New Order fan.

While soaring choral harmonies root 'Travelin’ Man' in Still Flyin’s soirée-soaked past, the songwriting and production evolve from 2010’s Neu Ideas releases, layering 80s pop synths with longing and melancholy so profound it’s sure to send shivers up your spine. The song speaks of the fraught dichotomy between wanderlust and domesticity – a regular experience for most touring musicians, but a sentiment beautifully stated here. The track was recorded and mixed by Haima Marriott of Architecture in Helsinki fame.

The single’s b-side, 'Plastic Heart' is a jilted love song, packed with 80s noir bass grooves and darkly catchy guitar riffs so pitch perfect they could have blared out of Sonny Crockett’s Ferrari cruising around Miami..