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Still Flyin' "Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here" CD single $5 (L&L053) Add To Basket.


The first taste — a "jample" if you will — of Still Flyin's forthcoming album Never Gonna Touch the Ground, employing juiced-up party rhythms, some frenzied Talking Heads guitar, and infectious singalong vocals to shape a rousing paean to stumbling into work hungover. Lead singer Sean Rawls (having paid his pen-pushing dues) is ready to tear the office a new cubicle, and to do this he needs five gallons of Hammjamm brew, some serious saxophone, and a phalanx of Flyinettes to get a good chant started! Meanwhile, the mood darkens a little on b-side "Drac's House", as a nefarious vampire (aka Still Flyin' bassman "Hound") reworks the lead vocal on another album track, "Haunted Houses".

1) Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here
2) Drac's House