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Nedelle "The Locksmith Cometh" CD $18 (L&L045) Add To Basket.


Hailing from Oakland, California and accompanied mostly by gentle finger-picked guitar and bare-boned strings and percussion, Nedelle targets earnest tales of heartache and/or despair with a voice ever so soulfully winsome and capable of transporting the listener to another musical time. The occasional drums, bass and guitar of Chris Cohen (Nedelle’s Cryptacize bandmate, also of The Curtains) and the additional guitar of Jamie Stewart (from Xiu Xiu) help add a wide-eyed playfulness to the arrangements.

1) Fanfare
2) Ex-Priest
3) I Hate a Mountain
4) Spell the Night Right
5) Christopher
6) Ghost Ships
7) Every Single Spring
8) Friends and Ancestors
9) Poor Little City Boy
10) Your Fiancé
11) The Last Thing I Do
12) The Locksmith Cometh
13) Finale

"Just over 30 minutes. Just under a dozen little songs, each a treasure if you love the more unadorned work of Liz Phair or Laura Veirs. There are certainly people who will find The Locksmith Cometh (the title derives from a Brahms lieder, I kid you not) insufferably pretty and maudlin. Screw 'em. James Blunt will die wishing he could reach the depths of Ex-Priest or the mournful Every Single Spring, and the folk melancholy of The Last Thing I Do is more than balanced by the bitterswet girl-group sound of Your Fiancee and Ghost Ships. I swear I caught a wiff of show tunes in Spell The Night Right , and who could resist Poor Little City Boy's tale of summer camp tragedy?
Key Track: Friends and Ancestors, sung from the perspective of a recruiting sergeant undercut by a chorus from an old Shaker spiritual, forms the heart of this album's modest conviction." Maher Mughrabi, Sunday Age

"When a musician uses the time between albums to finish a Bachelor of Arts in music and, more specifically (read:'importantly'), jazz history, said artist is A-OK. With hopes of a career on Broadway being destroyed at the age of 13, Oakland singer/songwriter Nedelle decided to instead focus on her violin playing. At the age of 21 muscular problems prevented her from practicing her violin enough to play it for anything more than fun and it began to appear as if the forces in the universe wish to squash Nedelle's musical career. Thankfully she persisted and now comes the release of her third solo album The Locksmith Cometh.

While singing in her school choir , Nedelle was inspired by the lyrics in a Brahms lieder (that's a 19th century 'art song' for those not jazzed in the classics - Ed) "I want to lock up all the spiteful mouths." The trivial but timeless sentiment conjured up images of a heroic yet menacing locksmith that mused this bizarre, (and yes) quirky, yet sweet album.

The lyrics are steeped in sadness, with themes ranging from death to war and break-ups to hopelessness. These issues however are handled with levity, and, coupled with carefree string, clarinet, percussion, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar arrangements, this album revels in an off-kilter humour, hope and sadness. The vocal harmonies ring through each track with simple precision, reminiscent of Canadian songstress Feist. Nedelle plays violin, guitar and keyboard on the album, with special guests and good friends Chris Cohen (The Curtains) and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) completing the arrangements.

The Locksmith Cometh is a peculiar album emitting an overwhelming atmosphere of despair, yet through her humour there rings hope and experience." Kendal Coombs, Inpress 16/01/08