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The Lucksmiths "Warmer Corners" CD $18 (L&L038) Add To Basket.


The seventh Lucksmiths studio album and follow-up to the excellent 'Naturaliste' is, dare we say it, the best Lucksmiths release yet! As always, there are lots of guitars, some soothing basslines, and a singing drummer who's far better than Phil Collins, but this time there's also a horn section having a party, some fiery organs, a string section who dig Phil Spector, and a lazy pedal steel.  Featuring the “Hiccup” and “San Francisco” singles as well as live favourites “Sunlight in a Jar”, “The Music Next Door” and “Young and Dumb”, this album topped many end-of-year lists. (Originally released in Australia on Candle Records in 2005.)

1) A Hiccup In Your Happiness 
2) The Music Next Door 
3) Great Lengths 
4) Now I'm Even Further Away 
5) The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco 
6) Sunlight In A Jar 
7) If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now 
8) Young And Dumb 
9) Putting It Off And Putting It Off 
10) I Don't Want To Walk Around Alone No More 
11) The Fog Of Trujillo
12) Fiction