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The Lucksmiths "The Green Bicycle Case ***SOLD OUT***" CD $20 (L&L026)

(Originally released in Australia by Candle Records in 1995.)

1) Jewel Thieves 
2) Motorscooter 
3) The Tichborne Claimant 
4) Spond 
5) Two Storeys 
6) Detective Agency 
7) Thomas and Martha 
8) Mezzanine 
9) William and Mary 
10) Only Angels Have Wings 
11) Aviatrix 
12) From Here to Maternity

"While most twee bands embodied overcast English winters, the eternally sunny Lucksmiths were a cloudless Australian afternoon. The effervescent Melbourne trio introduced its bubbling rhythms and witty wordplay on early lo-fi records but refined its approach on The Green Bicycle Case. An endearing mix of danceable pop songs and down-tempo ballads, the album abdicated twee's security blanket without abandoning its wide-eyed wonder. Name-checking Rita Heyworth while slyly nudging Sgt Pepper on "Only Angels Have Wings", frontman Tali White's conversational tenor resembled a more tuneful, Victorian-tongued John Darnielle." Noah Bonaparte Pais, Magnet ("75 Lost Classics" feature)