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Still Flyin' "Time Wrinkle EEJ" CD $15 (L&L023) Add To Basket.


The debut release from San Francisco’s amazing indiepop-gone-rocksteady superjam band Still Flyin’ is now available as this deluxe Australian edition. Combining the six tracks from the original “Time Wrinkle EJ” CD with the six dub remix b-sides from the vinyl release (both released in 2006 by US label Antenna Farm), the twelve songs on “Time Wrinkle EEJ” capture a snapshot of Still Flyin’s legendary serotonin-inducing live show, complete with horns, group singalongs, and reverb crashes! This is for lovers of rocksteady, roots reggae, and dub and will make interesting listening for fans of The Aislers Set, Track Star, Poundsign, The Mosquitoes, Ladybug Transistor, Dear Nora, Bright Lights, and Red Pony Clock — the members of whom comprise Still Flyin’.

1) M'ystery Tent
2) Rope Burn
3) Statistics
4) Big Lord
5) Coupla Smokies
6) Coupla More Smokies
7) Buffet Lord
8) Broken Rake Burn
9) Criminal Tent
10) More Coupla More Smokies
11) End Burn
12) Big Lock

"The premise is straight Frankenstein: gather a dozen-plus folks from the San Francisco indie pop scene, put horns and maracas and other party-type instruments in their hands, and let them kick out sprawling dub/reggae jams about the healing power of friendship and smokin’ weed. Sounds crazy, right? Well, somehow it works.

Still Flyin’ is the brainchild of Sean Rawls, whose dearly departed Masters of the Hemisphere were always more inventive than most. One of their albums, after all, was a environmentally aware concept tale that came with a full-color comic book. So it’s no surprise that Rawls’ new bag is so brightly coloured and stocked with nonchalant fun. Time Wrinkle was released in the U.S. as a six-song “extended jam,” whereas the Aussie version adds six remixes and alternate versions. At 45 minutes, it’s longer than some albums, even if the jamming gets a little same-y by the end. (That’s remixes for you.) If the track Coupla Smokies sounds familiar right from the start of its laconic horns, that’s because it’s an OutKast cover. It’s reprised on Coupla More Smokies, and yes, More Coupla More Smokies.

Such indulgence is forgiven once you settle into the sleepy haze created by Still Flyin’. It’s a place where aging reggae riffs and heady dub rhythms breed happily with singsong-y DIY pop. Despite so many guests stars strutting through the door (members of our own Lucksmiths and Architecture in Helsinki have joined in live), the band’s appeal comes down to Rawls’ earnest, quirky songwriting. On the standout Rope Burn, for which a killer video clip was made by Melbourne’s Isobel Knowles (find it on YouTube), Rawls sings about his dog, a pesky alligator, and finally about how he’ll just “smoke all my pleasure and pain away.”

Whether or not you usually like reggae (or indie pop), you can tell Rawls loves what he’s doing, and the song’s standout stops and starts instill it with an unhurried grace. By the time the buoyant girl-sung harmonies of Statistics kick in, it’s hard for the listener not to love it too. And from there, brother, it’s a cool ride into the sunset." Doug Wallen, In-Press (Melbourne)