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The Bank Holidays "Day For Night" CDEP $12 (L&L021) Add To Basket.


Five more hits from Perth's busiest sweethearts, full of perfect hooks and harmonies to charm even the broodiest of brooders. Substitute this extended-player for your daily hit of caffeine. And you can forget that jam sandwich when you've come home from school and need a little pick-me-up. This is what guitars and drums were invented for. The lazy strings and horns appear occasionally too, in search of exotic new destinations, but the Bank Holidays are staying right here — under your bedside lamp until you get better!

1) She's Not Into Love
2) Like A Piano
3) Can't Be Beat
4) Leave It Out
5) Not So Long Ago

"This new EP is simply ridiculously good believe you me - fans of Sarah, Summershine, Bus Stop, Matinee, Fire Station et al will swoon thinking that this had literally dropped into your lap from the sky while those of you much in awe and adoration of the very early Velvet Crush catalogue will check their pulses to make sure they haven’t died and gone to harmony heaven... 'Day for Night' offers up 5 perfect reasons to fall in love all over again with the notion of innocently uncluttered pop. Perfect." Losing Today (USA)

"Boy, it can get depressing having to trudge through badly-produced, uninspired demos, all the while hoping for that record to pop through the letterbox that will restore your faith in music. Thankfully, The Bank Holidays have delivered such a release and then some. The Australia-based quartet's EP Day For Night heralds the arrival of a major new talent. Perfectly blending sunkissed Beach Boys-esque harmonies and Europop without surrendering themselves to the realm of cheese, this record is just what we need to get us through the crap weather" Is This Music (Scotland)

"This is a band making huge noises and doing impossible things with limited resources... mad Beach Boys, stoned Burt Bacharach and, hey honey, we got your nail, tightly wired Bjork." Unpeeled (UK)

"...share the kind of penchant for great Pop songs succinctly executed that the likes of The Shins or compatriots The Go-Betweens so perfectly encapsulate... if the universe was less perverse this should be spinning in CD players the world over." Tangents (UK)

"The Bank Holidays take West Coast harmonies a crisp but feathery jangle that dips into the annals of Beach Boys history, but also fit contemporaneously with the Bluetones and Belle & Sebastian." Vanity Project (UK)

" should be getting little synapse-tickling rushes at the saturation levels of primary pop colour bursting from these songs." Kitten Painting (UK)