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Mid-State Orange "Summer In Disguise ***Sold Out***" CD ep $12 (L&L014)

Recorded in Melbourne, by UK producer Gareth Parton (Beta-Band, Mojave 3, Paul Weller), "Summer In Disguise" is full of Mid-State Orange's trademark upbeat guitars and organ-led pop tunes. The 5-track EP also explores Mid-State Orange's more sonic side, which those who've seen the group's impressive live shows will be familiar with. "Summer In Disguise"? follows Mid-State Orange's debut release, Flag Festival

"Mid-State Orange play hypnotic riffs paired with a wild mercury keyboard sound, coming across for all the world like Stereolab would've done at any point in the last ten years, if they'd actually wanted to have a top ten hit." Ben Clancy, NME