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Milk Teddy "Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy" Vinyl LP $20 (L&L105) NEW!!


1) New York Rhapsody 
2) Rock ‘n’ Roll Cretin
3) Seletar Airport
4) Sweet Bells Jangled
5) Breakfast Impasto
6) Gothic Skyline
7) Dreambone
8) Enthusiasts
9) Mopey Tonight
10) Funny Feeling
11) Iron Rose
12) Too Young to Vote, Too Old to Cry

Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy is the Melbourne band’s fashionably late second album.

Having lit spot fires across the Australian indie landscape in 2012 with their debut LP Zingers, Milk Teddy have now coaxed together twelve songs that expand the band's gift for canny hooks and catchy concepts with structural concision.

Like all the best pop groups, Milk Teddy possess the formula – that innate ability to strike a balance between everything being in its rightful place but then forgetting to close the back door before a large gust blows through and dishevels everything.
‘Sweet Bells Jangled’, the album’s bold, bushy-tailed second single is one such unhinged masterpiece and provides adequate support material when opining that Milk Teddy are one of Melbourne’s most adored yet equally confounding bands.
A glorious clamour-fest of wafting guitar leads and stately synths provide rich undergrowth for Thomas Mendelovits’ unmistakably joyous yowl – a picturesque vision of a post-apocalyptic sonic free-for-all.

Milk Teddy's songs push beyond the slippage of irony and sincerity to find a space where camp, ruminative, astute and sincere fly together.

The album’s first single ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Cretin’ could perhaps be described as a spiritually advanced and structurally contracted 2K? 'Workin' Man Blues', while ‘Gothic Skyline’ with its guitar riff revolving-door, floats along blissfully on a deep nostalgia trip.

Mendelovits is perhaps most in his element when transforming his travel diaries into meticulously arranged pop nuggets, whether it be riding trains hither and thither to the end of the suburban line or across Russia ('Mopey Tonight', 'Enthusiasts) or just heading “home on the Q” on irrepressible album opener ‘New York Rhapsody’.

Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy was recorded and mixed quickly by John Lee at Phaedra Studios in Coburg after years of weekly rehearsals spent by the band tossing around and honing ideas.

The result is a crisp LP that preserves the band's uniquely roundabout pop vigour, once again bound together by the mystery sounds and collage much loved on Zingers

Milk Teddy is Alexis Hall (keyboard), Jonathan Mendelovits (drums), Thomas Mendelovits (vocal, guitar), Bronwyn Potts (guitar) and Rachel Stanyon (bass).



"Every once in a while you stumble into an album you were looking forward to, and you’re proven right…every note hits, every track wins you over. Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy, the new album from the Aussie outfit is one such LP. I’ve already posted gems like “Rock n’ Roll Cretin” and “Sweet Bells Jangled,” but there’s not a misplaced tune on this record; it’s honestly some of the best guitar pop I’ve heard come out this year. If you’re searching for a record that’s going to impress your friends with your great taste, then introduce them to Milk Teddy." – Austin Town Hall ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Been a few years since Milk Teddy laid their blissful gem, Zingers, on us, but the wait seems to have been well worth it. The band breezes in with their sophomore LP, Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy, which is equally shambolic in its scope. The band has an innate knack for bridging contemporary Aussie jangles with a windswept approach that scatters any of the natty, prim plucks into the surrounding sunshine. A lot of the credit for this can be hung squarely on the neck of vocalist Thomas Mendelovits, whose blissfully faded delivery folds in an out of the band’s swells with a natural ease.

Mendelovits’ anchoring croon remains a constant, but those underlying swells have taken on considerably more texture from their first outing. Zingers was awash in an echoplex haze, rendering the album gorgeous but gauzy and at times harder to sink your teeth into. Milk Teddy come down to the Earth’s crust to bump elbows with the rest of us on Time Catches Up. They’ve injected the occasional brush with post-punk in a few of their basslines and a couple of space-cake instrumentals but they’re essentially still working through their own brand of gossamer jangle, just on a more tactile level this pass.

The band’s relative obscurity in the US has always struck me as a tragedy, but perhaps it’s time to right a years-long wrong. Time Catches Up is a bold move by the band, stuck together with off-kilter interview snippets and woven like a patchwork quilt made of denim in varying quality and hues. It’s pock-marked and imperfect and that’s exactly what makes it so desirable. Get your perfect glossy pop elsewhere. The LP is worn in all the right places and comfortable as an old t-shirt. Each listen just makes this one more and more endearing as an album that’s gonna test time and come out winning." – Raven Sings the Blues