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Last Leaves "The World We Had" Digital single $0 (L&L106S) NEW!!


Heralding in the imminent arrival of the long-awaited debut album from Melbourne’s Last Leaves, first single ‘The World We Had’ is a gloriously fuzzy slice of guitar pop.

Comprised of ex-Lucksmiths Marty Donald, Louis Richter and Mark Monnone with Noah Symons of Great Earthquake on drums, Last Leaves have put the finishing touches to their album Other Towns Than Ours and launch it out of the blocks with perhaps the tautest, most hook-heavy track of the set.

For all its immediacy, though, ‘The World We Had’ also packs an emotional punch; what begins as a fond reminiscence of a long-ago winter weekend away becomes a rueful reassessment of where things stand now.

“I’m sure we were never so happy before,” asks the quietly devastating middle-eight, “but darling, don’t you think we could say the same for since?”

As the outro crashes in — all jangling guitars, tambourines and woo-woos — the question posed earlier in wonder upon a lover’s first experience of snow (“the world we had— where did it go?”) is deftly reframed as a lament for a fading love.

Produced by Melbourne-based UK producer Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Big Scary, Foals), Other Towns Than Ours will be released on October 13 via Lost And Lonesome (Aus) and Matinée Recordings (USA).


"The cherished Australian indie-pop band the Lucksmiths dissolved in 2009, after 16 years of witty, melancholy, melodic songwriting and performing. A couple years after the bandís end, the announcement came that three-fourths of the final lineup had a new band, Last Leaves. Fans have been patiently waiting the past five or so years for music from Last Leaves beyond a couple demos lead singer/songwriter Marty Donald posted online years ago.

The time has come. ďThe World We HadĒ is the first single off their upcoming debut album, and itís a beauty. A romantic weekend is fondly recalled, but can those memories be trusted? What they had is gone, and where did it go? All thatís left is a feeling of loss, tinged with wisps of remembered beauty and tenderness, all wrapped up in loud guitars and harmonies."Pop Matters


"Australian indie titans The Lucksmiths delivered their final album (First Frost) back in 2008; now key members have delivered a fresh track under their Last Leaves project. This alone is cause for celebration; the ironic alliterative twist is merely frosting on the sonic cake. (How fitting that one bandís final album includes the word first while the new project includes last.) Even if you arenít familiar with The Lucksmiths, you have plenty to love in ďThe World We Had.Ē

This is a song for modern times. Its warm melodies echo Ď90s-era Britpop; the lyrics capture our collective frustration about global affairs. The repeated refrain of ďThe world we had / where did it go?Ē is one we can all understand. Whether you find yourself looking back at a former relationship or just a happier time when life didnít seem so upside down, this song is instantly relatable." The Revue