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Loaded to the gills with immediate, catchy pop songs, Perfect Future is the culmination of short, inspired bursts of Still Flyin' activity since the release of their previous album, 2012's On a Bedroom Wall.

Having changed form several times since entering the world in 2004 as a 15-piece reggae-inspired party band with members spread across the US, Sweden and Australia, Still Flyin' are certainly no strangers to adversity. So it's unsurprising the material on Perfect Future should embrace this world of flux.

The album's opening track 'Way Out West' examines the invisible force drawing back to one's formative hometown, while first single 'Love Both Sides' tackles the transition between fanciful youth and less-fanciful adulthood and was written soon after band leader Sean Rawls became a first-time father.

It's within this new-parent waking dream-state that Rawls has experienced moments of pure inspiration, such as on the sublimely smooth disco of 'Get Out of My Car' or the arresting narrative of 'Brendan' which seemingly wrote itself whilst the band's percussionist and Rawls' lifelong compadre Brendan Mead lay in hospital following a near-death boulder crushing whilst hiking near his home in New Mexico.

With only sporadic, small windows of opportunity for songwriting and with band members floating in and out of town, the basic tracking for Perfect Future took place in San Francisco over a fevered three-day period while mixing played out in similar fashion, handled by Phil Manley of Trans Am.

Perfect Future features performances by long-term Still Flyin' members Sean Rawls, Maria Niubo, Zach Moran, Samuele Palazzi, Phil Horan and Mindy Schweitzer-Rawls with cameos by the group's alumni Drew Cramer, Mark Monnone, Gus Franklin and Gabe Saucedo.

1) Way Out West  2) Get Out of My Car  3) Morning Boys  4) Love Both Sides  5) Dad Rock  6) Brendan  7) Tea Leaves  8) Navarone  9) Verbal Commitment  10) Keepers