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Caffeine withdrawals? No problem! Great Earthquake's new single 'Full Time Buzz' is akin to a rush of triple espresso to the blood stream.

As hyperactive as the name might suggest, this instrumental ditty taken from the Thought Broadcasting EP is a pile up of ecstatic live beats laced with playful bass and guitar, while glockenspiel chimes and melodicas waft by, brief and fleeting as are all the best moments of coffee-fueled inspiration.

Noah Symons is Great Earthquake — a one-man band, self-taught looping machine. Eschewing the instrumental post rock of his previous two albums, Noah has adopted a more minimalist approach on the Thought Broadcasting EP.

Recorded at studios and bedrooms in East Brunswick and Coburg by friend Josh Bach (Drooling Mystics), Thought Broadcasting captures all the dynamics that have earned Great Earthquake a glowing reputation in the live realm.

Four new songs big on melody and flow: post-punk basslines, Afro-guitars and hypnotic vocals float by alongside dubbed-out melodica and glockenspiel, and of course, that huge blast of Great Earthquake drums!

1) Thought Broadcasting 2) Full Time Buzz 3) Empty Me Out 4) Light/Shade


"Noah Symons’ work as Great Earthquake has always involved finding sinuous rhythms and fills, a frenetic drumming metronome underscoring a playfulness and acuity spilling out across all instruments that is deft and daring. Thought Broadcasting is just as hyper and hubristic as other GE releases, yet imbued with more twitching excitement and fervour, an exhilaration that is infectious. ‘Empty Me Out’ is particularly playful, a concentric yet contained blast, with glockenspiel chimes and melodica whines trickling out of the corners, lending everything a lightness of touch. Symons has always been interested in finding cadences in the simplest of places and tweaking them – speeding them up, slowing them down, looping them in and around themselves – and Thought Broadcasting is the stripped microcosm of this. And as far as aural pick-me-ups go, you can’t do much better than ‘Full Time Buzz’, a sonic mainline buzz that comes across like a instrumental post-punk circa Entertainment!, just as fervent, but with a more joyous bent." Sonic Masala


"'Full Time Buzz' is an apt title for Great Earthquake's new single. It has plenty of moving pieces utilising varying styles of electronica and synth-pop making it an involving listen. That’s the beauty of instrumental music, it isn't bound to serve the message of any lyric per se. For Great Earthquake, otherwise known as Noah Symons, it’s an opportunity to paint with an abundance of colour. On a dreary Friday morning like this (Sydney anyway), we need all the colour we can get.

Symons has been performing under his Great Earthquake moniker since 2009 with four releases to his name in that time. His last effort was the 2013 album Mind Maps, so Full Time Buzz is the first taste of what’s to come on his follow-up EP. Bluntly enough, the song was inspired by Symons’ time working as a delivery driver with a solid caffeine fix in Melbourne. As he says “I was a delivery driver for a coffee company and used to be offered a coffee at nearly every cafe I delivered to and when I started the job I was ultra polite and said yes all the time so I was often high as a kite driving around. It is also about moving into the city from the Mount Dandenongs“.

Symons has stated that his music is influenced by a variety of things, including films of Wes Anderson and Hayao Miyazaki. It shows in the music. There’s that sense of discovery and bliss that those film makers have since made their trademarks. The heights of which Symons can soar is only limited by his imagination, and by the sounds of it his castle is in the sky. The approach is minimalist. The guitars are pretty and light while the percussion anchors the track with a smooth tempo.

'Full Time Buzz' was recorded at Little Gold Studio in Brunswick as a part of the EP sessions with Josh Bach, in addition to Bach’s home studio in Coburg. “The process was straight forward, like pieces of a puzzle, all the parts are recorded like pieces being put one by one all over the table, then Josh and I spend the next stage mixing, which is like placing them all together” says Symons. “The approach this time was different in the way that we spent one day tracking drums, guitar and bass at a studio, where as much of my previous recordings were made in my old shack in the Dandenongs. We were after a bigger sound and also a more minimalist approach. As a looping artist it is easy to get carried away in layers and layers of sound so it was also an attempt to break out of that familiar territory“.

'Full Time Buzz' is the kind of track you can lose yourself to. Recommended listening spots include the park, the beach or a casual city walk. Great Earthquake’s new EP is set for the horizon and Symons promises that it will be worth the wait “Unlike the instrumental sounds of Full Time Buzz there are two tracks on the EP with vocals and lyrics, which is a first for Great Earthquake! Lookout for post-punk basslines, afro guitar sounds, dubbed out melodica and glockenspiel, hypnotic vocals and big drums blasting all the way through it“. We can’t wait. — (single premiere)