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The Salteens "Let Go Of Your Bad Days" CD $18 (L&L012) Add To Basket.


The Salteens' sophomore effort, "Let Go of Your Bad Days", is more of the many great things you've come to expect from your favourite Canadian pop band; more strings and horns, more infectious melodies, more perfect harmonies, and more opportunities to practice rock kicks at home. This is the record that we've hoped for from the Salteens.
"Let Go of Your Bad Days" is catchy and familiar, giving a nod to the pop groups of the 60's, college radio heroes of the 80's, and the independent artists of today, yet somehow it manages to avoid being derivative or contrived. The Salteens have managed to synthesize the best aspects of the pop groups that have preceded them into a highly inventive and refreshing original work.

1) Let Go Of Your Bad Days
2) Damn You
3) You Stood Out From the Crowd
4) Look Up! Look Out!
5) Turnpike
6) Summer's Gone
7) Not For Nothing
8) Thoughts From Sound
9) Time You Have Been Wasting
10) Home Again