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Sleepy Township "All These Records" CD $18 (L&L010) Add To Basket.


A compilation of singles and rarities from Sleepy Township's earliest recordings in 1994 till their sad demise in 2002. Fun, punchy pop music with catchy melodies and a serious lack of flair. Within this 20 song collection you'll hear quality guitar strum, pounding drums, and the sort of organ sounds that put smiles on so many faces back when the Chills were at their peak. This is Sleepy Township's third album, following Set Sail (Chapter Music) and Deep Water (Chapter/Library). An L&L all-time favourite!

1) Murray
2) Houses
3) Kinda
4) Sleepy Township Song
5) The Point
6) Plant Song
7) Winter Room
8) Migraine Boy
9) On Line
10) Hello
11) Cabaret
12) One Horse Town
13) Suit Yourself
14) Flying Fuck At The Moon
15) Leave It Out
16) I Am Revived
17) Rites
18) Leaving
19) Stationary
20) Highway Song