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L&LV90 Footy-'Record' Vinyl LP + download

L&L87V The Zebras-'Siesta' Vinyl LP + download

L&L86V Lowtide-'Lowtide' Vinyl LP + download

L&L85V The Icypoles-'My World Was Made For You' Vinyl LP + download

L&L83V Monnone Alone-'Together At Last' Vinyl LP + MP3 download

L&L82V Footy-'Mobile Cemetery' Vinyl LP + MP3 download

L&L80V Tim Guy-'Dreaming Of a Night Mango' Vinyl LP

L&L79V Milk Teddy-'Zingers' Vinyl LP SOLD OUT

L&L78V Deerhoof-'Breakup Song' Vinyl LP + MP3 download

L&L78T Deerhoof-'Breakup Song' Tape + MP3 Download

L&L78P Deerhoof-'Breakup Song Poster' Poster + MP3 download

L&L73V Still Flyin'-'On a Bedroom Wall' Vinyl LP + MP3 download

L&L68V Bart and Friends-'Stories With the Endings Changed' 10" Vinyl + MP3 download

L&L116 Monnone Alone-'Summer of the Mosquito' NEW!!

L&L115 Monnone Alone-'Do it Twice' 7" vinyl NEW!!

L&L114 Lucy Roleff-'Left Open in a Room' NEW!!

L&L113 Footy-'Flora Fauna' Cassette NEW!!

L&L112 Monnone Alone-'Cut Knuckle' 7" vinyl NEW!!

L&L111 Melbourne Cans-'Heat of the Night' Album NEW!!

L&L110 Great Earthquake-'Thinking & Making' Cassette album NEW!!

L&L105 Milk Teddy-'Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy' Vinyl LP NEW!!

L&L103 Parading-'Jungle Songs' Vinyl LP NEW!!

L&L102 Hideous Towns-'Disquiet Living' Vinyl LP NEW!!

L&L097 Parading-'Butterfly' 7" single NEW!!

L&L096.5 Still Flyin'-'Perfect Future' Vinyl LP + download NEW!!

L&L096 Tim Richmond-'Whats in the Middle?' Vinyl LP + MP3 download NEW!!

L&L095 Tam Vantage-'Life in High Definition' CD NEW!!

L&L094 Great Earthquake-'Thought Broadcasting' CDEP NEW!!

L&L093 Lowtide-'Julia/Spring' 7" single + MP3 download NEW!!

L&L092 Hideous Towns-'Heart Attack' 7" single + MP3 download NEW!!

L&L090 Anthony Atkinson & the Running Mates-'Broken Folks' CD

L&L089 Footy-'Record' CD NEW!!

L&L088 Melbourne Cans-'Moonlight Malaise' Vinyl LP + download

L&L087 The Zebras-'Siesta' CD

L&L086 Lowtide-'Lowtide' CD

L&L085 The Icypoles-'My World Was Made For You' CD

L&L084.5 The Lucksmiths-'Warmer Corners' Vinyl LP

L&L084 The Lucksmiths-'Cartography For Beginners' Double-CD

L&L083 Monnone Alone-'Together At Last' CD

L&L082 Footy-'Mobile Cemetery' CD

L&L080 Tim Guy-'Dreaming Of a Night Mango' CD

L&L079 Milk Teddy-'Zingers' CD

L&L078 Deerhoof-'Breakup Song' CD

L&L077 Tim Richmond-'Dot' Vinyl LP + MP3 download

L&L075 Still Flyin'-'Travelin' Man' 7" single

L&L074 Still Flyin'-'Cleat Talking' Free download!

L&L073 Still Flyin'-'On a Bedroom Wall' CD

L&L070 Monnone Alone-'Pink Earrings ***SOLD OUT***' 7" single (+ download)

L&L068 Bart and Friends-'Stories With the Endings Changed' CD

L&L067 Still Flyin'-'Neu Ideas' CD

L&L066 The Lucksmiths-'Unfamiliar Stars' DVD

L&L065 The Lucksmiths-'Get-to-Bed Birds' 7" single + free download!

L&L064 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-'Say No to Love *** Sold Out ***' CD single

L&L063 hellogoodbye-'When We First Met' 7" single w/ free download!

L&L062 The Bank Holidays-'Sail Becomes a Kite' CD

L&L061 Still Flyin'-'A Party In Motion' 12" vinyl EP w/ free download!

L&L060 Bart and Friends-'Make You Blush' CD EP

L&L059 Still Flyin'-'Runaway Train II' 7" vinyl single

L&L058 YellowFever-'YellowFever' CD

L&L057 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-'Higher Than the Stars' CD EP

L&L056 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' CD

L&L055 Still Flyin'-'Never Gonna Touch the Ground' CD

L&L054 The Lucksmiths-'First Frost' CD

L&L053 Still Flyin'-'Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here' CD single

L&L052 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-'Everything With You *** SOLD OUT ***' 7" single

L&L051 The Zebras-'New Ways of Risking Our Lives' CD EP

L&L050 Je Suis Animal-'Self-Taught Magic From a Book' CD

L&L049 The Smallgoods-'Driving Song *** Sold Out ***' CD single

L&L048 Cryptacize-'Dig That Treasure' CD

L&L045 Nedelle-'The Locksmith Cometh' CD

L&L044 The Bank Holidays-'As a Film' CD

L&L043 The Smallgoods-'Down on the Farm' CD

L&L042 The Lucksmiths-'Spring a Leak' 2xCD

L&L041 The Smallgoods-'Traipse Through the Valley' CD single

L&L039 The Lucksmiths-'A Hiccup In Your Happiness ***SOLD OUT***' CD

L&L038 The Lucksmiths-'Warmer Corners' CD

L&L037 Fred Astereo-'Don't Break My Heart' CD

L&L036 The Lucksmiths-'The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco *** SOLD OUT' CD single

L&L035 The Lucksmiths-'A Little Distraction ***SOLD OUT***' EP

L&L034 The Lucksmiths-'Naturaliste ***Sold Out***' CD

L&L033 The Lucksmiths-'Midweek Midmorning' CD

L&L032 The Lucksmiths-'Where Were We? ***SOLD OUT***' CD

L&L031 The Lucksmiths-'Why That Doesn't Surprise Me' CD

L&L030 The Lucksmiths-'Staring at the Sky ***SOLD OUT***' CD

L&L029 The Lucksmiths-'Happy Secret ' CD

L&L028 The Lucksmiths-'A Good Kind of Nervous' CD

L&L027 The Lucksmiths-'What Bird is That? ***SOLD OUT***' CD

L&L026 The Lucksmiths-'The Green Bicycle Case ***SOLD OUT***' CD

L&L025 The Lucksmiths-'Boondoggle ***SOLD OUT***' EP

L&L024 Curtains-'Calamity' CD

L&L023 Still Flyin'-'Time Wrinkle EEJ' CD

L&L022 The Zebras-'Worry a Lot' CD

L&L021 The Bank Holidays-'Day For Night' CDEP

L&L020 Fred Astereo-'I Love You' CD

L&L019 The Lucksmiths-'The Lucksmiths ***Sold Out***' CD

L&L018 The Bank Holidays-'Good Looks To Camera' EP

L&L017 The Zebras-'The Zebras' CD

L&L016 The Mosquitoes-'Our Generation ***SOLD OUT***' CD