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The Foots

The Foots

From the dark seedy underworld of the Melbourne indie music scene came The Foots. Existing from about 1996 until just a few months ago, they were a pop band dedicated to the finer points of melody and harmony. They were notorious for holding dance competitions to songs which were very difficult to dance to, and doling out extremely crappy prizes to those game enough to try.

The Foots were most often to be found in Melbourne's independent music venues but also sporadically toured Australia's east coast and the south of New Zealand. Mainly The Foots were into music and having fun. Usually, they were made up of: Eva Sommerfeld bass & vocals Jane McCracken mostly guitar & vocals & Colleen Keeffe drums, yeh. You can also hear the drumming talents of Stanley Paulzen on their first two releases "Pegs" and "Ponchos". Listen for the celloing of Kirsty Stegwazi and the guitaring of Janelle Johnstone on their two albums.

Far from marking the end, The Foots broke up just so they could make a new band with new songs and same band members, now officially including Janelle on guitar. Although not yet playing, they have been making up songs and are trying to think of a band name. If anyone has any ideas please email us here at L&L.

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