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Tim Richmond

Tim Richmond

The songs on this album were written in my twenties and early thirties, with the exception of ĎIn a Clickí, which was written when I was 16.

In a band at 15, I played around my hometown for a few years. When the band broke up, I kept writing songs. When everyone was collecting samplers and synthesizes, I kept writing songs. When I started working full time in kitchens, I kept writing songs.

Two albums and fifteen years later Iím still writing songs. Still on the only guitar Iíve ever owned which I bought when I was fifteen.

Declan Kelly, who used his Dadís studio to record some of my songs, blew wind into my song writing sail. An unreleased solo EP in 2006, a limited release full-length album, featuring Declan Kelly on drums, and Justin Jenkins on bass in 2008, and a full-length album featuring Kishore Ryan on drums In 2012, represent my catalogue thus far.

Tim Richmond, Melbourne

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