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As bass player and co-songwriter in Australian band The Lucksmiths, Mark Monnone was responsible for such radiant moments as 'Take This Lying Down' and 'T-Shirt Weather'. Since The Lucksmiths’ demise in 2009, Mark has sharpened the focus on his songwriting and resurfaced, with heart on sleeve, singing tales of urban romance and misadventure.

Having also spent time touring the US and Europe regularly with San Francisco band Still Flyin’, Mark managed to squeeze in the odd solo show as Monnone Alone, surprising audiences with his winning combination of concise pop tunes, warm stage presence and off-the-wall banter.

As a result, Monnone Alone was invited back to the States to tour solo, playing shows with esteemed indiepop groups like The Smittens and Masters Of the Hemisphere before returning to London (his one-time home base and inspiration behind many of his recent songs) to play the Fortuna Pop label's 15th birthday party. Following this, Mark visited Italy to play a handful of intimate shows and was offered a record deal by Italian label collective We Were Never Being Boring.

Back in Melbourne, Monnone Alone grew to be a band with the introduction of Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki, The Smallgoods) on drums and Connal Parsley (Your Wedding Night, Francis Plagne) on bass. Described by Mess+Noise as "classic indie pop with groggy vocals worthy of Stephen Pastel", Monnone Alone's sound has been shaped by the likes of Jonathan Richman, Television Personalities and Flying Nun.

After playing regularly in Melbourne and other Australian cities, the trio recently decamped to Brooklyn, NY to record an album. Entitled Together At Last, the bulk of the album was produced by The Ladybug Transistor’s Gary Olson at his storied Marlborough Farms studio and features performances by friends Kyle Forrester (Crystal Stilts) Linton (The Aislers Set), Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) and Ryan McPhun (Ruby Suns), as well as a duet with Bec Rigby of Melbourne beach party R&B favourites The Harpoons.

Together At Last was released in May, 2013 on Mark's own label Lost And Lonesome in Australia and in Italy on We Were Never Being Boring. Following Australian dates for the release, the band took their show to Europe for a six week tour through June and July.

Monnone Aloners past, present, future:

James Ausfahrt, Drew Cramer, Joe Foley, Kyle Forester, Gus Franklin, Bongo Ger, Darren Hanlon, Hotdog, Stephanie Hughes, Matt Jones, Hamish Kilgour, Isobel Knowles, Utrillo Kushner, Linton Ryan McPhun, Lara Meyerratken, Geoffrey O'Connor, One Happy Island, Connal Parsley, Julian Patterson, Stanley Paulzen, Louis Richter, Bec Rigby, Alicia Vanden Heuvel...

"The support band Monnone Alone amuse us. Their song titles are all things like, ‘You Took Out The Last Book From The Library (And You Turned A Page In My Heart)’ and ‘Lamentable Lonely Loveless Love’, and their singer exhibits an astonishing array of singing styles – from Stephen Pastel (circa ’84) to Dan Treacy (circa ’83) to Gregory Razorcut (circa ’85) to Bobby G (circa ’84). This might sound like it’s bad or despicable, but on the contrary: we can’t help but warm to them. Nostalgia being what it used to be. The fretwork is pleasingly limpwristed. The deprecating banter evidences a strong Flight Of The Concords influence, and… well. It’s like being at a Sarah Records gig in ’90 – all boys, of course – and ‘though I never could countenance reverence, I can’t help but admire their record collections. The sort of band the phrase ‘twee pop’ was invented for. Ex-Lucksmiths. I’m betting they’re from Sydney. [Melbourne, actually - Ed]"Everett True (taken from his Allo Darlin' live review on Collapse Board)


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