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Forrest: vocals & guitars
Travis: bass
Joseph: keys
Aaron: drums
Andy: guitars

are a bunch of sweet fellas from California. They don't seem to be too bothered with writing autobiographies, so I borrowed this paragraph from Wikipedia:

Hellogoodbye started in 2001 as a recording project by Huntington Beach High School students Forrest Kline and Jesse Kurvink. With the interest only to entertain friends and woo crushes, Kline and friend Jesse Kurvink recorded some songs on Forrest's home computer. The first Hellogoodbye song ever written was Kurvink's "Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2K1" which later appeared on their debut self-titled EP. With Kline's interest in web and graphic design, the unofficial group got a working title and a website and posted songs on As interest in the music grew, Kline recruited friends and chanced upon some opening slots at local shows. (This continues on for quite a few more paragraphs... you can look it up if you want more details.)

Since then, the band have released a slew of EPs and singles, plus the hugely popular Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! album, as well as toured a ridiculous amount. Forrest recently expanded his bedroom recording set-up into a fully rockin' home studio called Phantom Tollbooth, so now other bands can experience the Hellogoodbye recording rollercoaster ride. The band also ditched their label and are selling their records and other merch themselves at their online shoppe Hella Good Buys.

We're excited to have Hellogoodbye on Lost And Lonesome.

Hellogoodbye website
Hellogoodbye Myspace

Download MP3: When We First Met mp3.mp3

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