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The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths

Tali White — Louis Richter — Marty Donald — Mark Monnone

In a Melbourne high school in 1990, Mark Monnone stumbled across Marty Donald’s impressive stack of exercise books, all chock-full of song lyrics and clever ideas. Knowing a goldmine when he sees a goldmine, Mark Monnone knew then that it was in his best interests to hang around with Marty Donald as much as possible. Fortunately, Marty Donald was intrigued by Mark Monnone’s boyish charms and hilarious visual antics.

The two became real pals, spending a lot of time together — kicking footballs, discovering the wonders of coffee, and sitting, with guitars in hand and exercise books open, late into the night. Although the posters on Marty Donald’s wall were of The Cure and The Jesus And Mary Chain, the songs sounded more like those of Billy Bragg or the Cowboy Junkies or the Rolling Stones. Indeed, the boys were drunk on creativity and its possibilities!

Tali White, meanwhile, was an astute, foppishly artistic chap in a younger year who caught wind of Marty Donald and Mark Monnone’s respective exercise book goldmine and hilarious visual antics. As luck would have it for Tali White, the two late-night songsters recognised in him a charismatic glow, and more importantly a skillful handling of the vocal chords.

A few years passed, and though the three remained close friends, skylarking and playing songs together from time to time, life (as is life’s custom) went on unsuspectingly. That was, until the day the name-impoverished trio received word that Sarah Records recording artists, The Sugargliders, had requested they perform an opening bracket comprising their original works. Thereby a moniker was hastily settled upon, a drummer (albeit a modest snare-drummer) was chosen — Tali White — and musical frameworks were finalised.

The night was deemed a wild triumph by the newly-dubbed Lucksmiths. And so rolled by the next decade — concert after concert to audiences all over Australia and as far-flung as Europe, America, Japan and New Zealand. Sound recordings were made to commemorate the arrival of each new assemblage of Lucksmiths tunes, which then became available through such terrifically supportive vendors as Candle Records, Drive-In Records, Matinée Recordings, and Fortuna Pop!

At some time during the early twenty-first century, a fourth member, a guitarist by the name of Louis Richter, was warmly welcomed into the established group and the modern-day Lucksmiths sound was consumated. Louis Richter, himself a seasoned practitioner of popular song (as heard on several Mid-State Orange platters), brought with him a certain musical éclat, as well as the thirst for trivial knowledge — and the odd cleansing ale — that so impressed Marty Donald, Mark Monnone, and Tali White.

And so to the present day, when The Lucksmiths are still to be found writing third-person biographies about themselves!

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