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The Bank Holidays

The Bank Holidays

As A Film
— new album out Oct 13 2007

The Story

It begins in the small Norwegian fishing town of Stavanger, as two members of The Bank Holidays spend their days playing badminton, enjoying fjords, and hanging out with Norwegian grandparents, all while listening to Norway's favourite musical sons' Kings of Convenience. These factors result in a song, and the idea for a band whose primary occupation is vocal harmonies and melodies of the highest order. Back in Perth, Western Australia, a few months have passed, but the idea has become a reality as The Bank Holidays play their first gig.

A debut EP "Good Looks To Camera" is released in September 2004 and the lead song 'Tread Easy' gets heavy rotation on national Australian radio station Triple J, as does follow-up track 'The Greatest Game'. 'Tread Easy' also wins the Indie Pop category of the Western Australian Music Industry's "Song of The Year" Awards. The Bank Holidays hit the east coast of Australia in February 2005, touring nationally for the first time.

As the year rolls on, late 2005 sees the release of second EP "Day For Night", which shows off a greatly expanded range of imagination and colour from the group, as tracks are adorned by strings, flutes and brass, as well as the usual array of vocal harmonies to create an ecstatic rush of sound. The Bank Holidays launch their new creation into the world to a capacity crowd at The Playhouse Theatre.

2006 is the band’s most rewarding year yet, having the opportunity to record their debut album in rural Victoria with Australian production mastermind J. Walker. The Bank Holidays also manage to release a split 7-inch vinyl single, get featured on the soundtrack for Australian film '48 Shades', and support Belle & Sebastian before a crowd of 1700. In late 2006 they return to Australia’s east coast for another run of shows.

Even in the early stages of this year, the group has already done much. The Bank Holidays took out the 2007 Western Australian Music Industry Award for Best Indie Pop Group, as well as supporting Augie March & The WA Symphony Orchestra in two shows at Kings Park. A group highlight was seeing their own Bekk Reczek do a live duet with Swedish group Peter, Bjorn & John on their song "Young Folks", and receive massive kudos, not least from P,B & J themselves.

So, with a completed album under their belts and a whole lot of steam in the engine, the future seems limitless...

The Record

As if The Shins’ melodia was brought alongside the harmonies of The Zombies, 'As A Film' is a beautiful, celestial world that is occupied by cities of classic melodic architecture, oceans of woozy strings, and desert islands of disembodied strange voices. The group's 3 lead singers create perfect harmonies and make confident strides through swinging pop, all of which are given an air of danger and mystery, forging a new pop dialogue. The album marks the discovery of a new side to The Bank Holidays, as they take their bravest steps yet, all amidst the masterful production of J. Walker, who recorded and produced 'As A Film' in his South Gippsland home.

The Bank Holidays

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