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The Zebras

The Zebras

L-R: Edwina Ewins, Dave Rose, Jeremy Cole, Lachlan Franklin, Katie Geppert


The Zebras were born in Brisbane in 2001 when Jeremy Cole, Edwina Ewins, Matt Jones and Leon Dufficy made the move from their northern homes in Cairns, shed their shoegaze skins, and started to get their breezy jangle on.

Scoring choice support slots early on with international touring bands like Lambchop and The Shins, The Zebras' effortless melodies and incisive observations were soon to be heard frequently on the Australian airwaves when Triple J added first single 'Car of Idiots' to high rotation.

The Zebras joined forces with Lost And Lonesome for the release of their eponymous debut album, resulting in regular visits to the southern states for shows with other L&L bands like Mid-State Orange, The Smallgoods and The Bank Holidays as well as The Lucksmiths and other bands associated with good friends Candle Records. The album's carefree Byrdsian vibe won the band a swathe of die hard fans.

2007 brought album number two, the effervescent Worry a Lot which Rolling Stone magazine called “perfect pop the way it should be made”. The Weekend Australian were equally flattering, stating “the Zebras can lay claim to being, if not the heirs, then at least the love child of the Go-Betweens”.

Having grown disenchanted with Brisbane's pop scene, three quarters of the band uprooted and moved to Melbourne, while guitarist Leon Dufficy relocated to London. A tour of the US, Europe and UK soon followed to great response, the band's line-up enhanced with the temporary addition of Brisbane friends Greg Brady and Greg Long, while Matt Jones exited the band to focus on his hip hop work under the moniker Aoi. Leon Dufficy, meanwhile has continued to make music with Hush Arbors and Still Corners.

The 2008 Zebras EP New Ways of Risking Our Lives saw existing members Jeremy Cole and Edwina Ewins introduced to newcomers Lachlan Franklin (of Smallgoods-fame, guitar), Katie Geppert (keys and guitar) and Dave Rose (drums). The new line-up was set in stone with another overseas tour.

Since then, The Zebras have been laid low, playing only occasionally in Melbourne and slowly preparing their new album, the perfectly polished Siesta.

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