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(Mar 2018)


Pre-order Thinking & Making on cassette and digital 

Melbourne's maestro of the loop pedal Great Earthquake returns with his third album Thinking & Making, out on cassette and digital on April 27. 

Like the the album’s first single ‘Learn to Love the Ordinary’, Thinking & Making is unhurried and meditative and further investigates Great Earthquake's (AKA Noah Symons, drummer with Last Leaves) recent dalliances with lyric repetition as an added texture in his layered, largely instrumental post-rock. 

The raw, unfettered approach to composition and recording lends a dreamy ebb and flow to the album; Weirdo Wasteland’s Doug Wallen recently described Great Earthquake as “a mercurial one-man-band, wrangling miniature whirlwinds of itchy indie pop before letting them dissolve back into the ether”.

Thinking & Making is a collection of tactile, immediate and unpolished odes to keeping it real. As Noah sings – “Learn to love the ordinary, engage the senses, enjoy the feeling”.

Great Earthquake perform a free all-ages instore at Polyester Records, Fitzroy on Friday, April 27, 6pm.

(Oct 2017)


Mad Music is the third album by Ciggie Witch and it comes to you lovingly this Friday, October 13 on cassette and digital only.

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Chiming guitars and lush synth soften the blow of the anxiety-laden lyrics you've come to know so well from the Melbourne six-piece who share members with the likes of The Ocean Party, Pregnancy, Monnone Alone, Totally Mild and Jade Imagine. 

Over the years Ciggie Witch have perfected their sound but it's never going to be perfect – the feeling that everything might fall apart at any minute might even be enough to keep the millennials listening past the one minute mark.

Recorded in the bedroom of founding member Zac Denton, Mad Music is twelve tracks spanning odd-ball pop, heartbreaking ballads, spoken word and straight-up jangle.

Taking a more collaborative approach than in the past has made for a diverse and interesting album that never takes itself too seriously, but in true Ciggie Witch fashion can be heartbreakingly honest.

"It continues to amaze me how consistently good these guys are; some artists are prolific to their own detriment, but as Zac and
his pals illustrate, there’s not a bad track this round." – Austin Town Hall

(Oct 2017)


At last!! It's been a long time coming but we now have the scouts' honour from the vinyl pressing plant that we'll be receiving the Last Leaves Other Towns Than Ours LPs back next week in time for the (latest) release date of October 20!

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It’s been worth the wait. The ten songs here showcase a band already at the top of its game, from the perfect fuzz pop of first single ‘The World We Had’ and the irrepressible jangle of ‘Something Falls’ to darker moments like mesmeric closer ‘Where I Lived and What I Lived For’ and the downbeat Silver Jews swagger of ‘The Nights You Drove Me Home’. 

Having premiered the latest single 'The Hinterland' a few weeks ago, we're now also excited to announce the video which stars Shannon Dowling from Melbourne band Spit and was filmed by Geoffrey O'Connor in the Dandenong Ranges. 

And don't miss Last Leaves performing a free all-ages instore at Polyester Records in Fitzroy this Saturday, October 14 at 4pm

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