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(Aug 2019)


Next Thursday, August 29 marks the 10th anniversary of The Lucksmiths’ farewell show, performed to a packed room at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel.

The show capped off a lengthy farewell tour of Europe and Australia with The Lucksmiths – Marty, Tali, Mark and Louis – playing a different set of songs each night. The final night, with a bumper 33-song setlist, was recorded to video to enable the release of a very special farewell concert DVD called Unfamiliar Stars.

To commemorate the passing of ten Lucksmiths-less years we’re holding a week-long sale, beginning today, with crazy bargains on the Unfamiliar Stars DVD as well as the entire Lucksmiths in-stock CD catalogue.

Over at the Lucksmiths Bandcamp page you'll find all CD and DVD items marked down to a crazy $10 AUD (plus shipping) – that’s up to 40% off CDs and 50% off DVDs! (If you're struggling to find the DVD listing, click 'merch' up the top, under the 'The Lucksmiths' title and scroll down.)

To join in on the week-long celebrations, our good friends at Matinée Recordings in the USA are also marking down all their Lucksmiths CDs and DVDs. Crazy bargains galore for our overseas friends! 

Important note: The Australian version of the DVD we have listed is an all-regions disc in PAL format and the Matinée Recordings DVD is in NTSC format.

This sale will run until 11:59pm, Thursday August 29 (AEST).

(Apr 2019)


Melbourne band Monnone Alone are gearing up to release Summer of the Mosquito (their first album in six years) and we're excited to announce pre-orders are now open!

Order Summer of the Mosquito on vinyl, CD or digital

For the early birds, we're even offering 20 copies of the album pressed on fetching 'Easter yellow' coloured vinyl!

Orders will ship around May 15.

Mark Monnone has assembled a squadron of noisy janglemeisters to help create this album – his former Lucksmiths bandmate Louis Richter’s joyous and dynamic 12-string guitar serves as the perfect foil to Monnone’s unfussy strum and unruly outbursts of fuzz, while Gus Franklin (Smallgoods, Architecture in Helsinki) and Joe Foley (Sparkly Bear, Aleks & the Ramps), on drums and bass respectively, are having a rollicking good choogle but manage to stay the course when things get bumpy.

Summer of the Mosquito is a sweet ‘n’ salty twilit bike ride through the dizzying heights and gutter-scouring lows of summers past; a revisiting of share-house dysfunction and coming-of-age misdemeanours, while encouraging a celebration of such foibles in the album’s jubilant closer and second single ‘Do it Twice’.

Landing plumb in the sweet spot where jangle and power-pop collide, guitars are cranked and vocal harmonies laid on thicker than pomegranate molasses, adding extra reflection to tracks like ‘I Wanna Hide in Yesterday’, first single ‘Cut Knuckle’ and
the album’s titular opener and latest single 'Summer of the Mosquito'.

Recorded and mixed by Melbourne-based Welsh producer Gareth Parton (Foals, Big Scary, Last Leaves), with assistance from drummer Gus Franklin, Summer of the Mosquito is a big ol’ sun-smooch from a Melbourne band in no hurry to be anywhere but right here right now, and a songwriter happy to glimpse back briefly before being swept forward in life’s inevitable undertow.

(Apr 2019)


With an eye on the contemporary but an affinity for the traditional, Melbourne folk artist Lucy Roleff returns with Left Open in a Room – a chamber-folk inflected expansion on the fingerpicked purity of her 2016 debut, This Paradise.

Order Left Open in a Room on vinyl, CD and digital

Autobiographical in essence but vast in theming, Left Open in a Room reminds of both the simple, vignette songwriting of Sibylle Baier, and the intricate stylings and blunt tongue of Bridget St John and Nick Drake. Lucy’s vocals are truly the centrepiece, imbued with a precise, classical enunciation and soft duskiness. The peaks and valleys of her voice allowed to shine, as her rare contralto register shows all shades of its deep colour. We also welcome a new addition since This Paradise, Lucy’s 36-string celtic harp, alternating beautifully with her fingerpicked classical guitar.

The collection of songs here find Lucy looking inward, musing on domestic spaces and contemplating relationships past and present. Latent memories of an early, unresolved romance are reflected upon during 'Sometimes Do', details of a faltering household ruminate on 'He Heard Everything', and finally an opportunity to step inside Lucy’s own space with titular track, 'Left Open in a Room'.

While the songs were written over a three year period, Left Open in a Room has much of its essence in the fern-shaded grounds of the artists residence Jacky Winter Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges. Here, Lucy composed the majority of the album’s arrangements; the divine tranquility of the gardens imbued in the album’s verdant instrumentation.

Left Open in a Room was recorded with longtime collaborator and fellow composer Pascal Babare – much of the recording and mixing split between Pascal’s home and his recording studio at Electric Dreams in South Melbourne, a process to which Pascal also contributed electric guitar, bass, piano, percussion and Moog guitar. Lucy’s musical collaborators Rosalind Hall and Alex Badham also lend their talents to the record on clarinet and guitar, respectively.

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