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(Apr 2019)


Melbourne band Monnone Alone are gearing up to release Summer of the Mosquito (their first album in six years) and we're excited to announce pre-orders are now open!

Pre-order Summer of the Mosquito on vinyl, CD or digital now!

For the early birds, we're even offering 20 copies of the album pressed on fetching 'Easter yellow' coloured vinyl!

Orders will ship around May 15.

Mark Monnone has assembled a squadron of noisy janglemeisters to help create this album – his former Lucksmiths bandmate Louis Richter’s joyous and dynamic 12-string guitar serves as the perfect foil to Monnone’s unfussy strum and unruly outbursts of fuzz, while Gus Franklin (Smallgoods, Architecture in Helsinki) and Joe Foley (Sparkly Bear, Aleks & the Ramps), on drums and bass respectively, are having a rollicking good choogle but manage to stay the course when things get bumpy.

Summer of the Mosquito is a sweet ‘n’ salty twilit bike ride through the dizzying heights and gutter-scouring lows of summers past; a revisiting of share-house dysfunction and coming-of-age misdemeanours, while encouraging a celebration of such foibles in the album’s jubilant closer and second single ‘Do it Twice’.

Landing plumb in the sweet spot where jangle and power-pop collide, guitars are cranked and vocal harmonies laid on thicker than pomegranate molasses, adding extra reflection to tracks like ‘I Wanna Hide in Yesterday’, first single ‘Cut Knuckle’ and
the album’s titular opener and latest single 'Summer of the Mosquito'.

Recorded and mixed by Melbourne-based Welsh producer
Gareth Parton (Foals, Big Scary, Last Leaves), with assistance from drummer Gus Franklin, Summer of the Mosquito is a big ol’ sun-smooch from a Melbourne band in no hurry to be anywhere but right here right now, and a songwriter happy to glimpse back briefly before being swept forward in life’s inevitable undertow.

(Mar 2019)


Order Mad Music on vinyl

Mad Music, the third and unexpectedly final album by Melbourne's Ciggie Witch is receiving a well-deserved vinyl re-release.

When Zac Denton, the band's co-founder and co-lead singer died tragically late-last year at the age of 24 from complications owing to a brain cyst, he had yet to realise his ambition to reissue 2017's cassette-only Mad Music on vinyl. Finally now, here it is!

Says the band's Mitch Clemens:

"Though we weren’t planning on it being our last, this record is a fitting end to Ciggie Witch’s 'studio' discography. Recording this album was heaps of fun, with the whole band squeezed into Zac’s bedroom, talking and writing and recording each other’s songs, often only a handful of takes after playing it for the first time. I think this mixture of recreation and urgency is evident in the recordings, and we’re stoked that you can now listen to it on the big liquorice disk."

Mad Music is twelve tracks spanning oddball pop, heartbreaking ballads, spoken word and straight-up jangle.

"Alongside similarly conglomerate bands like Scott & Charlene's Wedding or Wireheads, they've followed both pop brilliance and their own oddball impulses. But as with those two bands, when they're on, they're f*cking on." – Raven Sings the Blues

(Feb 2019)


Available Feb 22, 2019
Pre-order 'Do it Twice' on vinyl 7" and digital

Melbourne four-piece Monnone Alone return with ‘Do it Twice’, an ode to second chances and graciously sabotaging life’s opportunities – just for kicks!

In his rollicking mid-life singalong, former-Lucksmith Mark Monnone asks to see his past moments of interpersonal discomfort and raise them a double-whammy to see if they’ll all crash and burn one more time so he can revisit that awkward adrenaline rush and feel those “fever sweats and forever shakes”.

Doused in trembling 12-string clamour and irrepressible fuzzy outbursts, ‘Do it Twice’ is the second taste from the Monnone Alone album Summer of the Mosquito, and follows previous single ‘Cut Knuckle’, which Raven Sings the Blues announced ”stands alongside new cuts from The Chills and The Bats as an extension of the Aus/NZ jangle-pop prominence that bubbled over between ’86 and ’90."

‘Do it Twice’ and b-side 'The Sea & the City' (originally by San Francisco band The Mosquitoes) were recorded and mixed by Gareth Parton, assisted by the band’s drummer Gus Franklin and is out on February 22 via The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co.

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