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(Jan 2016)


We're excited to announce Perfect Future, the fourth album from San Francisco party crusaders Still Flyin'!

Loaded to the gills with immediate, catchy pop songs, Perfect Future is the culmination of short, inspired bursts of Still Flyin' activity since the release of their previous album, 2012's On a Bedroom Wall.

Having changed form several times since entering the world in 2004 as a 15-piece reggae-inspired party band with members spread across the US, Sweden and Australia, Still Flyin' are certainly no strangers to adversity. So it's unsurprising the material on Perfect Future should embrace this world of flux.

First single 'Love Both Sides' tackles the transition between fanciful youth and less-fanciful adulthood and was written soon after band leader Sean Rawls became a first-time father.

Perfect Future is out on vinyl LP on Januray 15, 2016. Check out the Still Flyin' bargain vinyl bundle!

(Sep 2015)


Tam Vantage (AKA Tam Matlakowski) makes his Lost And Lonesome debut with the vivid, brazenly ambitious album Life in High Definition to be released on CD on October 16.

Having self-released a string of EPs and singles, the Melbourne musician known for his time in Pop Singles and The Stevens has now applied his erudite Go-Betweens/Church jangle to a collection of songs linked thematically by social perception and human interaction in the digital age.

Featuring guest performances by local music-making folk of the highest order (including members of Twerps, Teeth & Tongue and St Helens), Life in High Definitions eloquent warmth was captured perfectly by producer Simon Grounds (Bird Blobs, Bushwalking, Laura Jean).

Life in High Definition will be in Australian shops, distributed by Rocket, on Friday October 16, 2015. The Tam Vantage band (known as T.V.) will be touring the Australian east coast in Oct/Nov.

(Sep 2015)


Caffeine withdrawals? No problem! Great Earthquakes new EP Thought Broadcasting is akin to a rush of triple espresso to the blood stream.

Noah Symons is Great Earthquake a one-man band, self-taught looping machine. Eschewing the instrumental post rock of his previous two albums, Noah has adopted a more minimalist approach this time around.

Out on October 9, Thought Broadcasting is four new songs big on melody and flow: post-punk basslines, Afro-guitars and hypnotic vocals float by alongside dubbed-out melodica and glockenspiel, and of course, that huge blast of Great Earthquake drums!

Thought Broadcasting is available to pre-order now and will be in Australian shops on October 9, via Rocket Distribution.

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