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(Feb 2019)


Available Feb 22, 2019
Pre-order 'Do it Twice' on vinyl 7" and digital

Melbourne four-piece Monnone Alone return with ‘Do it Twice’, an ode to second chances and graciously sabotaging life’s opportunities – just for kicks!

In his rollicking mid-life singalong, former-Lucksmith Mark Monnone asks to see his past moments of interpersonal discomfort and raise them a double-whammy to see if they’ll all crash and burn one more time so he can revisit that awkward adrenaline rush and feel those “fever sweats and forever shakes”.

Doused in trembling 12-string clamour and irrepressible fuzzy outbursts, ‘Do it Twice’ is the second taste from the Monnone Alone album Summer of the Mosquito, and follows previous single ‘Cut Knuckle’, which Raven Sings the Blues announced ”stands alongside new cuts from The Chills and The Bats as an extension of the Aus/NZ jangle-pop prominence that bubbled over between ’86 and ’90."

‘Do it Twice’ and b-side 'The Sea & the City' (originally by San Francisco band The Mosquitoes) were recorded and mixed by Gareth Parton, assisted by the band’s drummer Gus Franklin and is out on February 22 via The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co.

(Aug 2018)


Order 'Cut Knuckle' on digital
Order 'Cut Knuckle' on 7" vinyl

(Limited to 100 copies, 7"s will ship October 15, 2018)

Lost and Lonesome label boss and ex-Lucksmiths bassist Mark Monnone is excited to reveal ‘Cut Knuckle’, the latest single from his quartet Monnone Alone.

Since settling on a solid line-up of Joe Foley (Aleks & the Ramps), Louis Richter (Mid-State Orange) and Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki, The Smallgoods) the once solo Monnone Alone is now anything but. Though still deeply laden with Monnone’s signature indiepop warble, the band step off in a new direction on ‘Cut Knuckle’, leading the charge on their forthcoming second album Summer of the Mosquito (planned for release in early-2019).

‘Cut Knuckle’ is the first single to come from the outfit since 2013’s well-received debut LP Together at Last. Weighing in at just over two-and-a-half minutes, the snappy indiepop banger is a loaded amalgamation of the group’s broad stylistic influences from Hoodoo Gurus to The Kinks; Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls to Television Personalities, yet holds Monnone’s winsome turn-of-phrase and bruised-but-beautiful melody central to its unique core.

Recorded and mixed by UK expat Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, The Breeders, Big Scary, Foals) with assistance from Monnone Alone drummer Gus Franklin and mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering, ‘Cut Knuckle’ sets a towering benchmark for what’s to come on their anticipated follow-up LP.

(Aug 2018)


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Order Heat of the Night on digital

Reeking of after-hours city laneways and seedy dive bars at the peak of a sweltering summer, the new Melbourne Cans album—their second—Heat of the Night is crammed with jilted imagery of hope and despair, of lust and desperation, of impossible promises and busted dreams.

The emotive melodrama here is suggestive of the album's primary inspiration as a whole: film noir and neo-noir. Angel Heart, Body Double, Assault on Precinct 13, Body Heat, Chinatown.... Steeped in the stink and sweat of the city, Heat of the Night pays homage to these grimy, shadowy thrillers.

Ian Wallace’s ghoulish croon adds an air of creepy desperation to second single ‘Heart Turned Blue’ whose tremolo-heavy 50s balladry eventually gives way to a rush of low-down twang and swirling organ. Wallace tells the sad tale of Peggy Sue—in this case the embodiment of 50s rock ‘n’ roll—who has been found dead in her bed in a film-noir, Old Hollywood-type setting.

Heat of the Night was recorded and mixed by Morgan McWaters and is out on July 13, 2018.

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